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The Mercedes-Benz G Class, also referred to as the G-Wagen or more properly as the Gelaendewagen, is famous for its go anywhere attitude and its hefty price tag. In the U.S., the cheapest, if you can even call it that, G-Wagen is the G550 that has an entry-level sticker price of $113,000.

The top of the line performance monster G-Wagen is the G63 AMG that can be yours for $134,300. Looking at these numbers, the likely garage for these vehicles will be in the prime communities in California or New York but ironically, they are more at home at off-road conditions.

Now, a report says that Mercedes-Benz is developing a smaller and more affordable G-Wagen that is designed to go against the likes of the Defender by Land Rover. The new G-Wagen will most likely be called GLG and will get a modern interpretation of the boxy styling of the G Class. Experts are assuming that it will look similar to the current GLK. The GLG will use the MFA platform and will have an equivalent street-focused crossover, the GLA.

The base models of the new G-Wagen will have a front-wheel drive configuration but the 4Matic AWD system of Mercedes will be available as an option. Before the fans of the G-Class scream blasphemy, it is good to note that the new Defender from Land Rover will also have an entry-level unit on a FWD configuration.

Most of the new G-Wagens will depend on a 2.0L four-cylinder powerplants running on gasoline and can output around 211 horses. There will also be a diesel engine option to be offered and most likely it will be the 204-hp 2.1L engine.

There is also a GLG45 AMG variant that will be able to churn out 350 horses. It will also come with bigger brakes and a suspension system that is sport-tuned.

Do not expect though that the GLG will hit the showrooms soon. The best case scenario for the new compact SUV will be an official roll out by 2015.

2012-mercedes-slk55-amg-xlA lot of drivers will tell you that it is the engine of the vehicle that makes their car special. Someone who is driving a Corvette ZR1 smiles as they can look into the engine bay via a special viewing window. Those who own an NSX will boast that their engine has connecting rods made of titanium. Those driving the latest edition of the SLK55 AMG though might not know that the V-8 under the hood of their car, giving out 415 horses, is the most special powerplant in the lineup of Mercedes-Benz.

The SLK55 AMG is the only member of the AMG range that comes with its own powerplant. It depends on the M152, a naturally aspirated V-8 engine that has a displacement of 5.5 liters. This engine.

The Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG has a tag price of $68,375. This base price is about $12,700 higher than its sibling SLK350 with a V-6. It is also more expensive than the Z4 sDrive35is by BMW or the Boxster S by Porsche. Some notable options come in the form of a handling package by AMG that ups the speed limiter so it can go as fast as 174 mph. It can also include a performance suspension, upgraded brakes, and limited-slip differential.

The front fascia and the styling of the rear end of the AMG does not make use of over-aggressive design lines but just a humble hint of what it can do. Just like the other siblings sporting the AMG V-8, it roars beautifully and delivers when you step on the throttle. The acceleration of the SLK55 will not dethrone the best of the lineup but will surely leave other cars in its class with a cloud of dust.

The seats of the SLK55 AMG is built to provide good support blended with comfort even during aggressive driving. The steering may lack some feedback but turns in crisply. If you plan to use this car for a quick getaway during the weekend, remember that it is not famous for its cargo space specially when the top is retracted.

The SLK55 AMG may look like the baby of the brand but wait until you see and feel its power on the road.

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mercedes-benz-e-class-hybridMercedes-Benz is set to roll out the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID which has a fuel mileage of 4.2 liters of diesel for every 100 kilometers or about 56 miles per gallon US. The carbon dioxide emission is also good at 109 grams per kilometer.

The new BlueTEC HYBRID version of the E 300 derives its genes from the E 250 CDI. The E 300 though as a higher output and a better fuel consumption.

The Mercedes-Benz diesel hybrid will roll out in Europe as an Estate and a Saloon starting the thrid quarter of this year. Later on Daimler will bring in the E 400 hybrid to the US market, China and Japan using a V6 petrol engine. Back in 2009 the car manufacturer released the S 400 Hybrid.

The concept of modular hybrid does not need any changes on the body shell so it can be used in other vehicle models. There will also be no problem in varying markets as there will be versions for the left or right hand drive and vehicles using diesel or gas.

For the E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid, the carmaker will use a 4-cylinder 2.2L diesel powerplant that gives out 204 horsepower with a torque of 184 lb-ft and an electric motor giving out 20kW. The hybrid setup is an evolution of the setup of the S 400 Hybrid. The electric motor can also be integrated with the transmission.

The electric motor used is a three-phase magneto motor with internal rotor that generates 20kW and a max torque of 250Nm operating on 120 volts. This motor assists the conventional engine when the vehicle accelerates when in boost or effect mode while it is also used to recover braking energy when in alternator mode.

On the road, the hybrid E 300 can be compared to its CDI sibling but with a 35% lower fuel consumption and way better CO2 emission.

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Christmas is over and we already have changed calendars but for some people, Yuletide should be extended just like with Carlsson, a German tuning company, which recently released a 2012 Mercedes-Benz CK63 RS enhancement following the Christmas theme.

Ah, and aptly they name it — Santa Edition CK63 RS. (Now if the good Santa will just used this ride instead of his traditional sleigh. The special theme started when the team of Carlsson thought of coming up with a ride concept for the Christmas season, and so they did.

The Santa Edition CK63 RS tweaked the V8 5.5L engine with bi-turbo to up its performance from 557 horsepower to 652 hp and from 590 pound-feet to 663 lb-ft of torque. The improved numbers brought the 0 to 62 miles per hour to 4.1 seconds.

The aerodynamic package remains to be subtle with its front spoiler lip, tail spoiler, rear skirt and rear diffuser. Carlosson gave this ride new shoes making it roll on 20-inch Brilliant Edition alloy rims.

The finish of the car makes it standout from the rest with Diamond Metallic White finish which goes well with the leather trim of the interior. The interior is dominated with Santa Red elements. The car is also set up with a high end entertainment system.

According to the tuning firm, another bad boy CK63 RS with a special them will be heading for the auto show in Geneva that will kick off in March.

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The 2012 C63 AMG is a very hot commodity for Mercedes Benz car tuners so owners will not really have a hard time if they are looking for any upgrade to their rides as most likely, a tuning kit is already available. Wimmer RS released the Eliminator C63 AMG which boasts of a great exterior and extra speed while Vath released their own version of a supercharged ride which focused on converting it to a speed monster.

Recently, Kicherer, another German tuning firm released their White Edition of the C63 AMG keeping the Mercedes Benz look and just a little boost on its already powerful engine. This version will only be very limited with Kicherer releasing only 10 units.

The White Edition will not come close to the Vath version which gives out 680 horsepower but it will have enough muscle to satisfy drivers who are looking for a decent increase. Kicherer tweaked the brains of the V8 6.2L powerplant and rid it of its speed limiter. The engine of the C63 AMG can now deliver 520 HP with a torque of 457 lb-ft.

Kicherer upgraded the car’s differential to a high performance that has variable slip and adjustable coil overs so it can handle the additional 63 HP.

The design team also gave the C63 a tamer white exterior with some black which is a lot better than the aggressive bluegreen finish of the Wimmer RS version. The ride also comes with a new apron that has LED daytime lights and integrated flaps, carbon fiber front grille, rear diffuser, new side skirts, and new monstrous sports exhaust. The design team also installed 20 inch RS1 forged rims and a Brembo brake system.

The interior makes use of black and white high quality leather for the seats. Drivers also get a classy and ergonomic steering wheel hugged by leather.

Kicherer definitely gives C63 AMG owners another option if they want to play with their Mercedes, the White Edition by this tuning firm will definitely make them very happy.

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Mercedes_Benz_R230_SL_Black_BisonWald International based in Japan made the attractive R230 SL of Mercedes-Benz into a more attractive ride as they tuned it to become the Black Bison Edition. The improvements were primarily on the looks of the car and no data have been released to point out that the super efficient engines have been tweaked.

The aerodynamics of the car received some good treatment as guys from Wald offers a package tat will give the Mercedes-Benz R230 SL new front fenders, front bumpers, side skirts, rear bumper, and extensions for the wheel arches.

The look is even made more aggressive by the carbon fiber spoiler on the trunk lid and the twin exhaust pipes and DTM muffler.

The Black Bison R230 SL will roll on 20-inch Renovatio R12 rims hugged by performance tires having ultra-low profile.

This creation by Wald International is heading to the SEMA this November.

Tuning firm VATH recently introduced a tuning program to beef up the performance of the CLS 63 AMG from Mercedes.

The performance enhancement will set back Mercedes CLS 63 AMG owners around $17,620 for the V63RS package. The V63RS includes a reconfigured ECU, a stainless sport exhaust setup, and an intercooler.

The changes when applied will give the potent to start with CLS 63 AMG more oomph as it will be able to give out 649 horsepower with a torque of 709 lb-ft. These numbers mean that the tuned Mercedes CLS AMG will be able to go from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 3.9 seconds. The top speed is reported to be at 325 kilometers per hours.

When it comes to the styling, there is an option to mount a trunk spoiler, rear diffuser, and let the car roll on twenty-inch rims hugged by high performance rubbers. The brake setup can also be reworked plus some lowering springs be installed.

For the interiors, some enhancements include fitting the Mercedes CLS Class with a sporty steering wheel, put a new speedometer which can get to 360 kph, and use some carbon fiber elements.

The Mercedes CLS had its first public appearance during the Paris auto show back in 2010. VATH is a German tuning company based in Hosbach which is not too distant from Aschaffenburg.

Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is keeping with its commitment to deliver an excellent ride for its 2012 B-Class set to roll out later this year.

Mercedes-Benz recently released the first set of official photos of what you can expect when you get into the upcoming B-Class. What you will see is is something that you can expect from the higher end coupes of Benz.

The horizontal lines running across the B-Class’ dashboard is really string. Mercedes-Benz will give several options for the cabin finishing ranging from classic, sporty, or modern. Consumers can also go for stitched ARTICO for the finish of the dash in man-made leather.

The new B-Class borrows the styling of the steering wheel from the CLS giving it a three spoke styling. It also gets 4 analogue dials .

The lines of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class was done in Como, Italy at the Advanced Design Studio. And as the press release says, it is a car which will bring the compact class to a different level. Basing it on the pictures of the interior, the B Class seems to be impressive.

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class is set to be unveiled officially during the Frankfurt Motor Show this coming September.

The new B-Class will roll out for sale by November in Europe.

German luxury car maker, Mercedes-Benz has recently released the final and officials details regarding its new comer, the 2012 C63 AMG. Like its predecessor, Mercedes-Benz lovers will still enjoy the striking 6.3-liter V8 engine with its massive 451-horsepower. But the 2012 C63 AMGcomes with an added option that’s quite difficult to resist: an AMG Development Package that can boost the 6.3-liter V8 engine to up to 481 horsepower, much thanks to the Mercedes-Benz’s very own AMG Speedshift seven-speed gearbox.

Mercedes-Benz refers to the addition of the AMG Speedshift gearbox as “controlled efficiency.” There’s more to expect what with a new power steering pump that is made more efficient that ever, the C63 AMGalso claims to be more fuel efficient by almost 10% when compared to its predecessor. A big leap in terms of fuel-efficiency ratings.

While the EPA ratings are still underway, the German car company is confident that the 2012 C63 AMGwill rake in 4.3 seconds during the 0-to-60 kilometers test drive when the additional gear is used.

Of course, the Silver Arrow, Mercedes-Benz’s racing cars arm, is more than willing to add a few modifications in terms of aesthetics to make the model look more smashing starting with a fresh grille design, a set of SLS AMG-inspired running lights for daytime and probably some new lower aprons and maybe a few more additions in the future. In terms of interior modifications, an LCD screen has been added.

The 2012 C63 AMGis expected to debut in the United States later this year.

This year’s Detroit Motor Show will have the first look on modified Mercedes C-class saloon.  While the spy cam shots could only reveal a few alterations because of the camo, we can see that the there is a distinct difference in its rear end LED lights.  The recent shots also reveal that the Mercedes C-class saloon carries a brand new set of headlights that are combined with horizontal LED-strip daytime lights.

As for the engine revamp, the Mercedes C-class saloon will let go of its existing five-speed engine and will receive the brand new four-cylinder diesel and petroleum engine units along with an option to upgrade to the seven-speed automatic transmission.  Sources also revealed that the current 3.5 litre V6 engine will be replaced with a brand new engine that comes from the car company’s MoVe engines but will have the same capacity.

It is assumed that the revamping of the Mercedes C-class saloon will come with the adaption of Blutec diesel power trains and stop-start systems for engines.  The remodeled Mercedes C-class saloon will make its debut at the 2010 Paris Auto Show and will drive into the showrooms by the end of this year.  Industry talks say that the coming of the remodeled Mercedes C-class saloon later this year will beat the launch of BMW’s next generation 3-Series and Audi’s remodeled A4 that are set to launch shortly.

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